Maleo Bird Conservation Program

As part of PAU biodiversity program, along during the Construction of the plant, PAU has started and now operate a Maleo Bird Conservation Program near the plant location. Maleo bird is one of the wildlife species that are endemic to Sulawesi. They are scattered in almost all parts of Sulawesi but its population are rapidly declining due to habitat destruction and excessive taking of maleo eggs by humans. Compared to ten years ago, the population of these maleo birds on the coastal area of North Sulawesi have been reduced to 5% while in the inland area the population is estimated to be reduced to 70%. The maleo bird has a large significance on Sulawesi’s culture and tradition. With this condition, if progressive efforts are not immediately made to save maleo birds from extinction, in the next 10-20 years our next generation can only see maleo birds in pictures as the Sulawesi community’s pride.

Before the implementation of this conservation program, the population of Maleo birds experiences a steep decline. Along with Dr. Mobius Tanari, an Indonesian Maleo bird expert, PAU have started an Ex-Situ Conservation Program which involves the collection of Maleo Birds and to be hatched in incubators, and then released after they are ready to maintain themselves in the wild. Since the start of the program, PAU has released 58 Maleo birds to the Batui Forest, and this number will keep increasing in the future. This program has also been awarded the certificate of excellent from the BKSDA (Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam – Office of the Natural Resources Conservation) Province of Central Sulawesi.